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Texas State Leadership Institute Annual Conference

Welcome to the Leadership Institute Annual Conference page! The primary purpose of the conference is to bring together students to learn leadership skills, engage students in values-based activities that foster personal leadership development, build a unified community, cultivate social responsibility, and inspire students to adopt a new way of life while expanding their leadership potential.

The Dean of Students Office will host the Texas State Leadership Institute Annual Conference on February 26 - 27, 2021. This will be our 11th annual year that the conference will be hosted. This year will also be our first-ever virtual conference! With inspiring keynote speakers, engaging breakout sessions, and small group conversations, the conference has been a staple of the University system with student organizations, leaders, and community members. We hope you join us!


#LIAC20 Highlights and Recap

#LIAC20 Captured Moments

Participants engaging with keynote

Engaging With Keynotes

Dr. Sherri Benn

Dr. Sherri Benn Keynote

Students engaging in Small Groups

Small Group Time


Enjoying Day 2!

Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Recipients

Dr. Smith, Dr. Arellano and Dr. Bourgeois enjoying Friday night's keynote!

Dr. Smith, Dr. Arellano and Dr. Bourgeois Enjoying Friday Night Keynote

Common Experience Room

Common Experience Room

Breakout Session

Bobcats to Bobcats Panel


Participants Engaging In Dialogue

Keynote session

Participants Engaging With One Another

Luma Mufleh

Luma Mufleh Keynote

Raegan Pugh

Raegan Pugh Session

Students Taking Notes

Capturing All The Knowledge!

Leadership Conversations Outdoors

Leadership Conversations Outdoors


Let's Talk Leadership Journey

Polo Sandoval

Polo Sandoval Keynote