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Featured Speakers

The following speakers were featured at the 2011 Leadership Institute Annual Conference on February 11-12, 2011. Click here to view keynote speakers for the 2012 conference scheduled for February 17-18, 2012.

Mark Updegrove

Mark Updegrove

Leading to Serve

Mark Updegrove serves as the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library's fourth director in its 38-year history. Updegrove is an award-winning author with more than two decades of leadership experience within top media and communications organizations including Time, Newsweek and Yahoo.

Updegrove is the author of two books relating to American presidents. Baptism by Fire: Eight Presidents Who Took Office in Times of Crisis examines how these presidents dealt with the burdens they inherited, the role of character in leadership, and the lessons they provide for President Obama. Second Acts: Presidential Lives and Legacies After the White House looks at the post-presidential lives of our modern presidents.

Updegrove has been Director of Business Development at Rawle Murdy, a private communications firm. He has also served as Vice President and Head of Sales and Operations at Yahoo! Canada; Vice President and Publisher of Nickelodeon Magazine and MTV Magazine; U.S. Publisher of Newsweek; and spent eleven years in several leadership roles at Time, Inc. including Los Angeles Manager of Time and President of Time Canada, Time's Canadian edition and operation.

Christy Pipkin

Christy Pipkin

The Nobelity Project: One Peace at a Time

In 2005, Turk and Christy Pipkin founded The Nobelity Project, an education and action nonprofit, to make movies that make a difference. Their current documentary, One Peace at a Time, explores the idea of providing fundamental rights for the world's children as the best path to a more peaceful and sustainable world.

As the Executive Director of The Nobelity Project, Christy Pipkin works to bring the non-profit's initiatives to fruition by creating motivating documentaries and short films, helming educational outreach in the U.S. and abroad, and maintaining oversight on developing projects around the world. Currently, The Nobelity Project is building Mahiga Hope High School in rural Kenya - the first high school ever in that community.

"I am a firm believer that local action has global impact, and that no act is too small to matter. At times, global issues can seem overwhelming, but I like to remember when Desmond Tutu told us of a saying in Africa - 'There is only one way of eating an piece at a time.'"  - Christy Pipkin