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Featured Speakers

Dr. Sarah Weddington

Sarah Weddington, photo by Andrew Torrey/The Daily Texan
Sarah Weddington, photo courtesy of Andrew Torrey/The Daily Texan

Sarah Weddington was the winning attorney in Roe v. Wade and was 26 years old when the case was first argued before the Supreme Court. She was elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 1972 and was re-elected twice; she was the first woman elected to represent Austin, Texas, in the Texas House of Representatives. She resigned her seat in 1977 when she was appointed General Counsel for the United States Department of Agriculture, the first woman to hold that position. The following year she became a special White House advisor to President Jimmy Carter.

Currently, Weddington is an Adjunct Professor at The University of Texas at Austin and travels the world delivering speeches on leadership, her experiences with breast cancer and women's issues. She teaches leadership courses at institutions including Texas Woman's University.

Mr. Tim Swain

Tim Swain
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As an internationally recognized poet, author and speaker, Mr. Tim Swain has been captivating audiences for years as an award-winning performer and catalyst for social change. As a native of Houston, Texas, he began writing at the age of five and after realizing his gift, began competing in school talent shows and oratorical competitions.

Swain entered the slam poetry scene in high school and quickly established himself as a respected slam poet and fierce competitor. He has competed in slam poetry competitions across the United States and has been the keynote speaker at dozens of educational conferences, church seminars and has headlined venues in Mexico and Africa focusing on empowerment through literacy and education. His work also served as the inspiration for Why I Write, a national anti-bullying campaign in London, England broadcast on BBC. He has spoken to audiences up to 5000 and his words have impacted people in over three dozen countries.

Currently, he holds a M.ed. in Education from Texas State University-San Marcos and is coordinating curriculum for Congress KIDZ, an anti-bullying and character building educational initiative for underrepresented elementary school students. He also serves as a life coach and recently launched a success series which focuses on goal setting and purpose driven living. Swain recently finished his debut book entitled, “The Bird outside Your Window” an inspirational and contemporary, poetic rendition of the ugly duckling.

Mr. Tim Swain's underlining motivation is his personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and on a daily basis he is trying to live out his purpose to its fullest potential.