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Capturing Leadership Moments

Student Taking Picture
Pictured: Student taking photo at #LIAC20 (Photo by Breanna Higgins)

This year has been wild - a real rollercoaster. But as we go through the ups and downs, we find that leadership stays at the center of our lives, and when we think of leadership, we think of you - our students.

The Leadership Institute and our services will look a bit different. Nonetheless, we will continue to focus on our vision of changing the world, one leadership lesson at a time.

No one asked for all of this to happen, but when change is forced upon us, our role as leadership educators is to identify the various ways we can support you while keeping our community safe. We have begun a transition to a complete set of virtual programming for Fall 2020. This means that all of our engagement will be virtual. Why are we doing this? Simple:

  • To keep you safe.
  • To keep our staff safe.
  • To keep everyone safe.
  • To be as radically inclusive as we can be.

To explain that last point, we know that many of our students vary in their comfort level to engage in face-to-face activities. We know many of our students fear the risk of contracting COVID-19 or inadvertently passing it on to others in their lives. We know that many of our students miss engaging with others. For the Leadership Institute to practice our value of Inclusivity, we must include anyone and everyone in our conversations, so virtual programming is the most accessible option. Having FOMO during COVID-19 isn't something we want to amplify. We want everyone to feel like they can attend all of our events - just like always. So, here's the flexible game plan for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021:

Leadership Advising & Medal of Hope Audits: These 30-minute sessions will be virtual from the comfort of your home, residence hall, or your nearest internet location. You can schedule an appointment at any time with us and we'll make sure to meet with you!

Pathfinder & Capstone Programs: Our weekly-based programs for emerging and established student leaders will be held virtually with a shortened time frame (we want to avoid Zoom fatigue!), but still with the same schedule of Mondays (Pathfinder) and Fridays (Capstone).

Workshops & Film Series: We know classes and life change fast, so our workshops will still be available for you all virtually and at an earlier time to free your evenings up for homework, self-care, and much-needed rest. Our film series will continue, but from the comfort of your bed or couch as we stream films and chat with each other via Netflix Party, Hulu Watch Party, Disney Plus Party, and whatever options we have at our disposal. Your Friday nights are about to get a lot more fun!

Leadership on Demand: We've still got you on all of our leadership training and development needs! Developing leadership opportunities for your student organization, your staff, faculty, or any organization, in general, is difficult already, but even tougher during Zoom University (or as we call it, Khan Academy Premium). You can still schedule a time for us to virtually train your class, organization, or group of friends.

And finally, the big one...

Leadership Institute Annual Conference: During precedented times, we were scheduled to host our annual conference on February 26 - 27, 2021 in a very new and beautiful ballroom. However, during the current unprecedented times, we will be hosting #LIAC21 virtually. We don't have a sneak peek into what Spring 2021 will look like, but we know there are still so many moving pieces we're trying to catch. The conference serves many goals, but to us and you all, it served as a huge family gathering of friends, strangers soon to be friends, colleagues, mentors, and so on. We ask that you give us some grace as we finalize details and logistics on #LIAC21, but that you stick with us. We'll still be providing you awesome keynote speakers, workshops, and while we can't feed you, we will still have a playlist you can jam out to before, during, and after #LIAC21.

Friends, it's a strange year indeed. Our last major program was in fact #LIAC20 and it was our best conference to date. Seriously. But we hope you join us for what's to come and still have a chance to learn from and with us. Trust that #LIAC21 will be just as amazing as #LIAC20 and the years before.

Stay safe, stay well, and stay engaged in all things leadership because the world needs you.

Your friends, mentors, and pillars of support,

The Leadership Institute