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LeaderShape® Institute

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LeaderShape® is a community of individuals working to create a world that does not exist right now except in moments. 

The world we want to experience is where everyone leads with integrity and embraces living in possibility. Where anything is possible. Where everyone sees their own gifts and finds ways to use them for the greater good. We want to see our best selves.

When does it take place? 

May 2020, specific dates will be announced later in the Fall semester. 

Want to know more information?

Schedule a quick meeting with us as we answer any questions you may have about LeaderShape and the Institute. Information Sessions will be provided in the Spring of 2020.

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Group Photo

The LeaderShape® Institute at Texas State

The LeaderShape® Institute is six days of dialogue and self-discovery that takes place in a supportive learning community and challenges participants to lead with integrity while working towards a vision grounded in their deepest values. Participants explore not only what they want to do, but who they want to be.

Dynamic, challenging, and exciting, the week is intended to produce a breakthrough in the leadership capacity of participants—benefiting them individually, as well as their respective communities and the organizations they will go on to lead and serve in the future.

Day 7: ShapeTxSt

Day 7

While The LeadeShape® Institute takes place over six days, Day 7: ShapeTxSt allows students to take what they learned from The LeaderShape® Institute and put it into action when they return back to campus. Day 7: ShapeTxSt consists of a variety of events specifically for graduates of The LeaderShape® Institute that will allow them to stay connected with their Family Cluster, make new connections with others who share similar passions, and gain access to resources that will help the students put their vision into action.

Day 7: ShapeTxSt Activities Include:

  • Wear LeaderShape shirt on the first Friday of each month
  • LeaderShape socials each semester
  • Family cluster brown bag lunches
  • Staying connected via social media using #txstDay7

About LeaderShape®

Since its inception in 1986, The LeaderShape Institute® has developed a national reputation as one of the premier leadership development programs for young adults. More than 30,000 young people from more than 500 different colleges, universities, corporations, and organizations across America have graduated from the program. More information about the LeaderShape Institute can be found at

A just, caring, and thriving world where all lead with integrityTM and a healthy disregard for the impossible.

To transform the world by increasing the number of people who lead with integrityTM and a healthy disregard for the impossible.

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