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Leadership On Demand

How Can the Leadership Institute Help You?

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The Leadership Institute staff are going on the road and taking workshops to the campus community. If you'd like us to come to your student organization meeting, class, residential life community or anywhere else on campus, please contact us. Tell us your topic and your availability - and we'll bring a tailored workshop to you and your organization. Leadership on Demand staff can help you identify the needs and objectives of your group and put together a workshop or workshop series that will help enhance the organization’s leadership potential.

A minimum of four participants is needed for a workshop. Just think: you get to pick, the date, the time and location that works best for you and your organization's schedule! Click here to complete an online request or you may contact us at for additional information.


Previous sessions include:

  • Ways to Get Involved with the Leadership Institute
  • Leadership Theory Overview
  • Social Excellence
  • Leadership as a Process, Not a Position
  • Leadership & Your Core Values
  • Leadership Assessments: StrengthsQuest, True Colors, Leadership Style Assessment

CLICK HERE to complete an online workshop request!