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Eligibility and Requirements

Student Leadership Conference Travel Fund Guidelines and Application Process


Priority Deadlines: September 20th (Fall)   December 15th (Spring)

Eligible Expenses (What can be funded?)
Funds may be requested for transportation, registration and lodging costs.  


Application Deadline/Process

Applications are usually submitted approximately 6 weeks in advance of departure, but may be submitted up to six months prior to the trip.  Applications submitted less than two weeks prior to the date of departure will immediately be rejected. Funds are awarded on a first-applied/first-considered basis. The priority deadlines include September 20th (Fall) and December 15th (Spring). Funds are limited and when exhausted no additional requests may be funded.Every effort will be made to review your application and notify you of the decision in a timely manner (typically within 5 business days).

Application Requirements:

  • Student Leadership Conference Travel Fund application
  • Estimated Travel Expense form
  • The Student Leadership Conference Travel Fund will provide no more than 1/3 of the associated travel cost. The travel fund will provide no more than $500 for national trips and $300 for regional/state trips. Applications must document all sources of funding to be considered.
  • Conference agenda/timeline providing evidence of leadership focus

Review Process:

  • A Leadership Institute GA will ensure that the application is complete.
  • The Leadership Institute Coordinator will review the application packet and send them to selection committee.
  • The committee will make notify the coordinator of selections via email.
  • Once final selections are made, students will be notified via email and travel requests will be forwarded to the account manager for processing.

Prior to Departure:

  • Schedule a travel meeting with a Leadership Institute staff member to discuss trip expectations and complete necessary paperwork.
  • Bring a copy of valid driver’s license

Upon Return to Campus:

  • If your application is approved, the following items must be submitted to the Leadership Institute within two weeks of completing the activity for which you are receiving funding:
  • A report on your activity – Provide a description of what you did and what you gained from the conference/travel experience. Indicate how you will apply what you learned to your student leadership role.
  • A detailed expense report – Include an itemized list of all expenses you incurred.
  • Original receipts – Original receipts must be attached for every expense on your report. Only original receipts will be accepted.
  • Complete of Student Leadership Conference Travel Fun Evaluation – Available on the Leadership Institute website

Once all travel information has been submitted, a reimbursement will be processed, if necessary. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the process to be completed. If you are on Texas State payroll and receive direct deposit, your reimbursement will also be directly deposited. If you are not on Texas State payroll, you will be notified when a check is ready for pick-up in JC Kellam.


Students applying for funds for travel must:
 - be an undergraduate student currently enrolled at the time of application
 - have no record of formal discipline with the University
 - not be a regular faculty/staff member of the University
 - not have received funding assistance within the last fiscal year
 - member or leader of a registered or chartered student organization

Please note: This fund is for individual requests and is not designed for group submissions. In order to serve as many students as possible, no more than two students will receive funding to attend the same program and preference will be given to those that have not previously received funding. This fund is not available for academic-related travel (for a class project or individual research interests) or competitions/tournaments without a leadership workshop, training, or conference component.


For assistance or more information regarding the Student Leadership Conference Travel Fund, please call 512-245-5323.